Storm is a blend of craftsmanship and high technology. Thanks to Storm, baristas are free to express themselves and explore their capacity for experimentation through simple and comfortable actions.

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Storm is research on values ​​that have been lost over time but re-emerged thanks to a new cultural and artisanal approach, which spread rapidly in the world. The coffee dispensed is at the center of every care. Baristas’ gestures the protagonists on stage and have a highly symbolic value. The relationship between those who operate the machine and who savor coffee is revolutionized: the barista who has chosen coffee beans, roasting and brewing with an almost maniacal dedication can offer ritual preparation and storytelling.

Storm #FFF Fight For the Future

Storm Fight for The future
Fight For The Future is the ethical awareness of Storm that develops in three socio-environmental campaigns:
– Fight for the Human Rights to support the LGBT community because “love is love”
– Fight for the Environment, because dirty water means dirty coffee
– Fight for the Kids with healthcare innovation, because kids are our Future

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Episode #4: Black CEOs in Coffee

Episode #4 of Roundtable features a conversation with Black CEOs in coffee focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, their experiences as Black professionals in the coffee sector, and what work is required to dismantle systemic racism in the coffee space and the wider culture.

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Episode #3 Coffee Producers

Roundtable Episode #3: Coffee Producers In episode 3 of Roundtable, Yannis Apostolopoulos hosts a conversation with coffee producers and producer representatives from around the world.

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Episode #2: Large Coffee Roasters

Roundtable Episode #2: Large Coffee Roasters In episode 2 of Roundtable, Yannis Apostolopoulos hosts a conversation with founders and CEOs of large coffee roasting companies from around the world.

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New SCA Roundtable by Storm Barista Attitude

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the global economy to a halt, having an immediate and long-term impact on specialty coffee businesses and professionals. What are businesses doing to survive in this time of crisis? What are the experiences of those business owners who have had to shut down or reduce their operations? Are there opportunities

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